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next day was up in Zero degree weather..

de-iced the bikes..

and headed into Halls Gap for a bakery breakfast and coffee.. then fuel and air checks..

then it was off for a run around Lake Wartook..

a little bit of a hike to a great view at the top of the lake..

and another lookout over Halls Gap..

cant remember what happened here... think it was one of those silly stop and drop your bike moments... either way, its not my bike on the ground

rest of the day was spent winding our way down south, we found a great empty campground...and since there was still about an hour of daylight left... kept riding rather than setting up..

hit the worlds slipperiest bit of track cutting down past this pine forrest..

bike was on the ground in less than a blink of an eye... bike did a 540... i did a 720 (and didnt think i was ever gonna stop sliding/spinning )

Paul being a good mate..followed my lead

no damage to the 800..

a bent gear lever (god knows how since it was on the 'upside' of the bike ) and the handlebars moved in the clamps on the DR..

we straightend (kinda) the gear lever and headed for camp

we setup camp, got a fire going..

and started 'adjusting' the DR's handlebars with a 6 foot long log didnt work too badly..

dinner, some more fire and bed..

next day was another 'beautiful day in the country'

camp was packed..

and we were off again...well untill we got to this and had to turn around

but that was fine...because it meant we got stuff like this instead





anyway... by early afternoon, we were pretty damn cold.. and the rain looked like setting in.. we were due to head home in the morning... but started thinking about maybe heading out late this arvo... rather than campin in the rain just to packup and head off in the morning..

in the end, we decided we'd head into Halls Gap (we were only about 30kms from there, and only about 10kms from the made road) warm up, have a coffee...and make a decision what to do..

I pointed right, told Paul we'd be at the bitumen in 10 kms that way..and let him lead off..

We were about 2 kms from the made road when...............................


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