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Originally Posted by notarat
Sorry I didn't see this post earlier...

I went to the MRT website where they had the whole trail (including the Tennessee section) mapped out.

Then I created my gpx file straight from their route through Tennessee by displaying their map (zoomed in to see the road/streets on 2 of my screens) while using Mapsource to create the route on my third screen so it matched their route exactly.

Didn't take very long since Mapsource seems pretty easy to use and their source map loads pretty quick with my internet connection.
Gotcha. I've used that method. I think it's a good way to get the general route, but in my experience, there have been small differences between the route posted online, and the route encountered in the field. The online map is a very good approximation, but I'd prefer to have the route verified by riding it.

As an example, I rode the route you posted, and at one point the route said to turn right, but the sign at the intersection said to turn left. In this case, I have reason to believe that maybe the sign is backwards and I can fix that, but I didn't have time to confirm that. It's not far from here so I'll go back and check it out sometime soon.

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