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We were about 2 kms from the made road when...............................

i found myself swearing at a kangaroo that came out of the forrest on my left...

his head was about seat height.. and i thought..

'you stupid bloody animal'...

my next thought, as a watched dirt/gravel, grass etc skid past about 2 inches from my face for what seemed like an eternity, was 'when will i stop?'

i stopped..

i realised i'd stopped..

i didnt move..

after a couple of minutes, i had gathered my thoughts...

i could blink..

i could move my head..

i could move my right arm..

i could move my left arm..

i could move my left leg..

my right leg wasnt going anywhere... felt like it was trapped under a log..

a minute or so later i pushed up on my elbow...

i could see my bike about 5 metres away..

i could see my leg wasnt under anything..

i reached down and found my foot pointing backwards..

i was surprised how calm i was..

i reached down and spun my foot/lower leg around to point the right way..

i knew it was broken and i wasnt going anywhere...i just layed back down in the wet..

another few minutes went by and i could hear a motorbike getting closer.. i knew it was only a matter of time till Paul came back..

he called an ambulance and took some photos..

the 'roo was dead..

and the bike didnt look too happy either...


after (dunno) maybe 30 mins or so the ambulance arrived..

i got loaded then taken 40 mins to Horsham hospital..

they took xrays etc... confirmed i had a spiral fracture of the Tibia and 2 fractures in my Fibula...

they also confirmed i needed surgery on it, but they didnt have the tools there..

the next day brought a 3 hour ambulance transfer to Ballarat Hospital...

i got brought into Emergency, the orthapedic surgeons looked at my xrays and said to the nurse..

'get him ready for surgery'...she asked what time i'd be going in..they replied 'now'...

the surgeons explained some stuff to me (the operation, 'compartment syndrome', sign here), asked me if i smoked (no)..good, they said..'we wouldnt operate on this if you were a smoker'...

the nurse started to get me ready, and a couple of minutes later the surgeons were back.. nurse said i'd be about 20 mins...

the surgeons said 'no, thats too long, we'll take him now and prep him in theatre and i was whisked away..

in theatre i was bathed in antaseptic, then a needle was poked into my right was connected to some electricity supply..when it got into my (dunno how you spell it, but it sound like) syatic nerve, my foot started to twitch... by adjusting the current/voltage they could make my foot shake faster or slower (kinda funny to watch...had to be there i guess)

this determined how much 'blocker' they had to inject into the nerve to knock it out..

after they did that, someone said...'here, have a few puffs of oxygen before we knock you out'.... 3 puffs later i was out.......

4 hours of surgery later and they were done...

'Compartment Syndrome', which apparently is where the swelling restricts the muscles,veins and nerves, choking them and ultimately killing them was 'narowly' avoided (wiki says the critical presure where urgent action is required is 30 'units' of presure... i got to 34.. and was aparrently less than 2 mins away from having 2 30 centemetre gashes cut down each side of my calf to release preasure on nerves, arteries etc.. if they die, amputation is next....

they also discovered another few fractures down near my ankle which needed a couple of screws too


i spent 7 days in hospital, living on morpine and codine, having regular antibiotic injections to try and avoid getting an infection in the bones (which also leads to amputation...)

after a week i got out and went to my mums place near melbourne..

3 weeks later i'm still here..

at the 2 week mark i went back for a checkup... they took out 16 staples, took these xrays and were happy with progress..


its now 4 weeks... i'm still lying around with the leg elevated..

i go back for another check in 2 weeks..

they expect me to be on crutches for around 12 weeks..

the bike is 'officially' a write-off' (bent forks, intruments/headlights etc)

its been a fun 9 months and 25,000 kms on the 800..

i dont know if there will be another one....

the end.


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