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Well, I got home last night about 6:00pm after another 550 some miles. Cool morning felt great at 7:00am, Boise by 9:45, state line a bit later. Note to Oregon Dept. of Transportation: cut down the scrub trees that block the "Welcome to Oregon" sign, or simply move the sign if you're so concerned about saving trees! I was going to do a handstand in front of the sign but zoomed right by it...

Got soaked (Oregon, of course) coming down the mountains before Pendleton, but dried on off quickly enough where 84 meets up with the Columbia River. The goal line was in sight. Had the camera in hand as I was riding along...

A little blurry, but so was I...

Made it to Hood River by 4:30, and the heat was doing it's thing...couldn't resist jumping in the Columbia for a quick dip...

The whole while in Mexico, the KLR650 was an attention grabber, either by people when you pass them by, or when parked at places like Chichén Itzá. Poeople wanted to know about the bikes and what you were doing, how far you had come, how fast the bike. Riding along 84, I was just another insignificant guy on an undersized bike. Next time, I need a billboard attached to my back that says "Just been to Mexico, Belice and
Guatemala!! Honk...or blow a kiss...something!" Alas...nothing.

Except...I didn't go straight home...stopped by a little bar and had a celebratory slurp and met two guys KC and Rocky who were both lit up a little, but funny. Both bikers, one on a Harley the other goes to Baja to watch the motocross guys each year. They were interested in my trip, where I had been, how fast the bike, what the people were like, and offered their congratulations on a heck of a trip...there, that's better.

I guess sometimes you have to seek out what you're looking for.

Since Idaho, the rpm was fluctuating a bit, falling to 700, and so I had been fiddling with it on the way home. After my last stop, the bike kept dying at stops the last 5 miles home. Pulled into the garage and let it die one more time. I think the poor gal is a bit tired...
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