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Jebus H Christ in a fully farkled Sherman tank.....

I'm bloody glad to see you still breathing, Greg. That's one heavy duty bout of break dancing, brother. Did you kick the tree in disgust on the way through? I'm glad to see you still smirking, even with the blood of that poor, innocent skippy smeared over your dial. From the photos and that smile, it's fairly obvious you landed on your head, which must of saved you from any serious injury. I'll award it a 7.3 for technical difficulty and an 8.9 for style. Keep those scores up and you're well on your way to the 2014 Special Olympics. You're just lucky Gateshutter, NotHome and I weren't there to throw mud at the gathering lesbos, dig you a nice shallow grave, rape your bike doggy style, sing "Kumbaya" into the late evening and cookum up proper style that tasty young roo. You picked a nice spot to crash anyway. Looks scenic. And tranquil. Good choice.
While I think of it and if you don't mind me asking, once they remove that kick-arse pin from your leg, can I grab it for use as a 2nd side stand for my Tenere? For that Dakar look. That's if you don't become too attached to it.
Anyway, before your drugs and whiskey kick in again, please yell out at any time, seriously, if you need anything done from this end of the country. Heal well mate. It looks like you've still got some more hardware yet to be installed on those bones, so anything I can help with, just ask. Hope to see you back riding again soon. With the amount of riding you love to do, I know you'll be back when you can. You boofhead.
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