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Woke to beautiful broken clouds in Victoria. Nice morning to relax and sip a coffee before heading out to catch the Ferry from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay back on the mainland. Except for the fact that we screwed up and the boat leaves one hour earlier than we thought last night. Quick pack and we are outa there

Backing my bike out of their garage I look up, and there, starring right at me, is a clock, clearly as sign from above.

As we head north or 'up island' as it is known to the locals, we run into everyone from the Boat yesterday. It appears that everyone hung out in Victoria before continuing their journey. We all wave like we were long lost friends.

We get to the ferry in plenty of time. The lineup has lots of bikes from all over creation, heading every which way possbile. Some on their way, some heading home. Great stories abound.

One is from Cesar, who seemed to be from CO. As we talk about trips I mention my potential trip to Honduras next January. His eyes light up and he says I must stay at his hotel in Guat!! Damn, that's cool. We exchange information and I make a note to Google the Hotel Marbissa when I get home.

On the Boat I notice Chris's chain is a bit tight. After a quick fix we settle to the back of the boat with the young folks doing thier best to burn as much BC bud as they can. We sit in the warmth of the sun, kick off our shoes and enjoy (the view).

Horseshoe Bay is at the foot of the Whistler Highway about 10 miles north of Vancouver. Very nice part of the world. And the highway is awesome!

On the way north we run into a couple German riders at Shannon Falls who have just come across Canada. Damn isn't it amazing how cool all MC riders are. We talked about their trip, how expensive Canada was and how they are now very bummed now that I have told them they have just missed D2D

The falls were in fine form today.

We get into Whistler and check in to the timeshare we have for the night. Whistler is the gateway to gods country.

Here Chris and I get some great time to talk and share both memories and the future. We (over)enjoy a buffet BBQ, a dip in the pool, and some quality time in the jacuzz and Koala room (the name for the steam room per my daughter when she was 8 because it smelled like eucalyptus ).
We are fortunate enough to be able to come here often. One of Chris's memories is how much fun it was to put shampoo in the jacuzzi tub. A pic from those days.

Our last night in civilization comes to a close.

Whatever/Whenever, Father/son to AK

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