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You are very correct

Originally Posted by Clayjars
What an awesome report! The warnings you were getting about Nuevo Laredo are real. There have been some gun battles and grenade attacks by the Zetas. The situation on the Mexican side of the border is FUBAR right now.
Thanks for the support. You really did hit it on the head. We saw no signs of danger or fighting, but we did not go into any areas where it might be going on. One of the Federales said to me...It's dangerous here...I wanted to remind him that it was dangerous for him...not totally for tourists.

That being said...there is danger and risk. (see Is Mexico Safe thread) I don't know if Tricepilot posted it over there, but right after he took us to Texas Pride we went to a Kawi dealership. There was a pretty lady there with her man and we struck up a conversation with her. She works aduana on the American side. They said that because the government had captured the #1 Zeta guy that Zetas were killing civilians. She said that the morning we left Laredo and rode to San Antonio that a granade had been thrown into a park had had injured and killed a few people. She characterized the violence as escalating and said that the last two weeks it has gotten worse and worse.

The risk is real. We did not see any problems. We planned for 18 months and made sure we were mentally prepared for issues that might come up. You have to make the decision yourself. Is it worth the risk. For Paul and was...and it was amazing!
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