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Umm, the NoTube site says replace every 3 weeks to 3 months..

From the No Tube site:
"How long will it last? Sealant longevity will depend on type of tire, size, storage conditions, and volume of sealant. Tires with thick casings will allow sealant to last much longer. Sealant in tire will need to be refreshed to maintain sealing properties. In cooler conditions the sealant will last longer. In hot, dry conditions more frequent monitoring is recommended."

"Note: In a few months time if you get a puncture that does not seal, simply add more sealant. No need to remove your tire and install a patch. Stan’s Tire Sealant “The Solution” will continue to seal punctures as long as it remains in a fluid form, sealing thousands of holes."

All deal breakers for me..
Also sounds like it needs to be in fluid form.. Where TG solidifys for the life of the tire.

Note: My TG is still sitting on the bench. I will report back after I have used it.
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