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We bought breakfast last night and ate in bed this morning. A feast of Rhubarb/Blueberry pie. Add a glass of milk and heck we even had most of the food groups covered. Could not get out without a quick trip to the Koala room. Popped the suits in the dryer while we packed so we did not have to carry any wet gear around.

Broken clouds and 65 degrees. Better that I had hoped. Today we head north on Hwy 99 then just after a few miles we hang a right onto the Duffy Lake road and beauty becomes second only to great beauty as we head through the pass from Westen BC to the interior. At the turn-off we seem to lodge ourselves between a set of Jap bikes infront and a group of HD riders behind; looks like we have the bike world covered. We all stop as construction crews have everyone stopped. The river is flowing about 3+ inches deep over the road. My heart sinks to think about the 10 hour detour this might require. But all for not, they let us pass. Our Our first water crossing . Fun making waves on this great day.

This is one beautiful stretch of road, and almost no traffic. Steep mountains and a deep valley.

It gets cool in the pass and we are both glad for our heated grips as the temp drops to the high 40's briefly before climbing quickly to mid 70's again.

Lunch at a great Greek place in Lillooet. Hey the first food shot!

From here it is across the Fraser river and east on 99 through Marble Canyon. One of my favorite roads of all time to ride. High on the bluff above the river, winding past pretty teal Pavilion lake and others; great pavement, and a wonderful engineered road. Sorry no pics, can't stop now we are 'in the flow'.

This was our longest ride day, showing up in Likely BC around 6 pm. It showed as we were both a bit road tired when we arrive. The smallest of small towns, yet wonderful, nestled nicely on the Quesnel River. Most people blow right past this area and head through Quesnel, hurrying past some of the most wonderful country, on their way to Prince George and other places north. This trip will be different. I am really glad we have time. Dead quiet, quaint, and very very green.

We need to figure out what we are going to do, so we grab a couple sodas and something to eat and ask around. As this market IS the town, everyone eventually shows up. When asked about the temperatures in the winter they said, "well the school busses stop running at 30 below, but that only happened 5 or 6 times last year"

One very old prospector, smoking a hand-roll, or was it smoking him, said he would never camp around here - "hell, bears everywhere, what the hell is a matter with you". Others had some other ideas. The best was Quesnel Forks, at the fork of the Quesnel and Caribou rivers. 8 miles away. And it is on a dirt road, so even better Steep downhill at the end. "why did you slow down so much dad..." Punk.

Creepy but cool old ghost town from the Gold rush days. It was the first European/Asian settlement in BC not associated with the fur trade. Partially restored buildings, an old cemetary. This was once the biggest gold rush town north of San Francisco. One old couple in a camper there. Did I mention damn creepy...but cool. We toured around the 'town' and cemetary. Bear shit everywhere. Just got a bit creepier.

We kick back after our self guided foot tour and self taught gold rush history lesson. Assuming we don't get eaten, this is a great place. A good fire put a wraps on this day of steller riding country. Here is the first of many many nights in the tent.

Tomorrow we head out on the "Back Road' from Likely to Barkerville. A dirt backroad to explore the back country of the BC Cariboo.
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