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Originally Posted by Loadedagain
was trying to think of a fitting title for a build thread. couldn't really come up with anything good so there it is. i've been looking for a guzzi for ages. every couple years i bust out the email and pm machine and bother guzzisti throughout the webternet in my dream hunt. in the past it hasn't led much beyond dreams.

i pulled the trigger this time! my about town cruiser bmw left for a new home not too long ago. it made sense to fill the hole with something cool to cruise around town on. i could go out and buy a bike off the shelf... no fun in that! i'm gonna build an old skule guzzi fun machine!

here she is as she sits today-

i bought the bike about a month ago and that is quite a story in itself! will get to that one later. one advrider gets big hugs and kisses for making the long distance buy totally painless for me. she (you thought that i was queer diddn't you?) even let me and my gang park my bigass rv in her yard for something like 4 days thanks darlin' you can make yerself known if you like

oh yes... the bike. this is its rump end. notice the ghastly fairing/windjammer fell off between these two photos. much much more will be falling off soon.

i wouldn't feel right if i didn't post a couple shots up her skirt... from behind (my favorite)

and the front for you pervs that like them to see you coming.

first impression is pretty positive. it runs very well for a bike that has been sitting for a couple years. it has a bit of an exhaust leak and a bit of a messed primary in the right side carb. i could ride it as it sits.... that's not fun. she's getting a facelift!
Another red/white Spada!! Nice,
Identical to mine.. why not lash some gear on and do some BIG road trip 1st? ....The old girl is itching for it !
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