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Originally Posted by GR8ADV
Here is todays plan:

Woke today at 6. Not tired, just too happy to he out here. Blue skies with some low clouds in the river valley that would burn off quickly. What a day.

A routine is forming. I would get up a couple hours before Chris. Brew up some coffee, write in my journal and get some time to enjoy and reflect. I walked around the area this morning, making as much anti-bear noise as I could. Only yhe sound of the river encapsulated in intense quiet.

We head out after a wonderful (really) boil in a bag bfast. Up the dirt road, which we both wondered how we would get up this if it had rained.

the Backroad is a classic. Idk how long it is, 150 miles? An awesome well maintained gravel road through the Cariboo and into Wells Park. I am not sure I will find a more enjoyable ride than that. This is the road leading up to it.

Like always I should have taken more pics along the way. I generally take pictures when I stop, but when the riding is awesome, I have trouble stopping. Miles and miles of beauty. Here is my chance at art, but all I get is a nice picture of my mirror

The road passes many waterfalls and lakes. Chris who seldom passes up a chance to take a dip, regardless of the weather, looks over longingly at the stretch of the Cariboo lake and hits the radio.

Chris, "dad, where are our swim trunks"
Dad, "in the dryer at whistler"
Chris, "that's what I was thinking too"

We come across our first Bear as we round a corner. Big and black and right in the road coming towards us. Fortunately for us, he wants less to do with us than we want with him.

Now next time someone tells you that bear sh$t in the woods you can tell them, no, they crap in the road. Because there are either a few bears here that have a digestive problem, or there is one hell of a lot of bears around here. We have to drive around the bear scat there is so much of it in the road. ALL OVER the damn place.

We do take a side trip to Ghost lake and falls.

We meet a great guy there who is a professional photographer. He stops by as we are looking at the falls. He said he has come by to get some pics of grizzlies. Ah, what was that? He agrees with the coffin dodging propector in Likely that nothing would get him in a tent in the area.

He does take a couple pics for us and will email them home to Ms. Adv and let her know, that at least up to this point we have not been eaten.

There was a campsite right there, and looking back, we should have just parked it. It was beautiful and it would have been fun to explore the area and lake. But we forged on. Off to Wells and had a late lunch at a dingy old trailer called Big H's I believe. We were not expecting much for fish and chips, but when he pulled out the fresh fillets and the bowl of home made batter we new we were in business. Now I know that Hunger Provides its own Sauce, but damn this was fish and chips to recon with.

We head to Prince George, stop and pick up a couple new swim suits and head west. We miss a camp site and keep going and finally stop at I think Dave's RV. This is an urban RV jungle and lucky they are nice enough to send us into the campsite in Vanderhoof. Not remote, but quiet, quaint and too urban for bears.

The guy who runs it is a blast and gives us a quiz out of a book. The better we do the cheaper it gets. We suck and he feels sorry for us $10.

Chris looks at a map and sees with the big BackRoad detour that we have gone 1.5 inches today. And the Circle is, oh, about 2 feet north. Holy "shizzle" are you kidding me? The distance is starting to sink in. He is a bit put off after a couple long days. We agree to shorten them.

Evening rolls around we relax and hit the hay. It's dark, and will likely not see much dark for some time.

Whatever/Whenever, Father/son to AK

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