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As I'd looked at the maps of the TAT, I figured that I'd ridden 60-70% of the Utah TAT section before. Never all at once, just some sections here and there. This was one of those familiar sections and it was nice to just ride without having to keep checking maps or roll charts.

Dubinki Wells

We arrived in Green River around 1600 and it was hot. Probably over 100F. I was making it a point to not check thermometers so I'd not be torturing myself with a high reading. The campground at Green River State Park was not crowded, had nice shade, great tree placement for hanging my hammock, and showers were included. Not a bad deal for $15 for both of us. The biggest surprise was looking over and seeing a couple of workers fixing a water leak. One of them looked familiar. I walked over and sure enough, it was Eugene. Eugene and I shared a couple of classes in college. He is now the Park Manager here.

Turns out that Eugene and Patrol Dog had a few common acquaintances.

Most people who are passing through Green River seem to eat at Ray's. We were no different. Good burger and cold drinks after a hot day. Upon returning to our camp, one of our camping neighbors brought us over some left over dinner that he had cooked for his family. A nice chicken dish with pineapple. I was already stuffed, but it looked good enough that I ate it. One never knows when his next decent meal could happen out here. Our neighbor was pretty proud of his cooking and told us that we were missing out by not being around the following evening. He and Patrol Dog really hit it off, and while I was enjoying the food, Patrol Dog was talking the guys ear off. All we got out of our new friend was that he drove a lawnmower for the city of Provo, UT. He knew all the specs of his lawnmower and could even tell you how much Armor-all he went through in a week polishing his mower.

With the high temperatures expected the next day again, and not a lot of shade trees or water where we would be, we got an early start.

Riding through Black Dragon canyon is always a great way to begin a day.

The wetter than normal June had left the landscape greener than it should be in July. San Rafael Swell.

Our first antelope sighting of the ride.

The DR650 feeling right at home.

We made the decision not to take any of the bypass routes in this area. It was the right thing for us and our bikes.

Obligatory shot of the Eagle Canyon bridges.

And another way to pass under Interstate 70.

A small stretch of deep sand in the San Rafael swell area that resulted in a low speed tip over was about as exciting as it got. Until I noticed that my high beam indicator light had rattled loose. No problem. I'll fix it later. A few miles later and I notice that one of the bolts holding the handlebar clamps is loose. Better stop to fix that. Good thing we did. Three of the four bolts had backed out all the way due to vibration.

This was the shadiest spot I could find to snug down loose fasteners.

Patrol Dog said he had been seeing things funny. This explained it.

Just one of many old cabins on the trail.

Fortunately, there was a little shade a few miles later when another fastener needed tightening.

Tunnel shot.

Lunch in Salina, UT. at Moms Cafe. My 100 oz. water bladder was empty. I asked the waitress for a pitcher of water and she brought a small one. I dumped it into the bladder. After 3-4 pitchers of water, she was starting to question how I could be so thirsty. She really thought I was drinking it as fast as she brought it out.

We even found shade for the bikes while we dined.

Next stop, Richfield, UT. The maps and charts suggest this as a good stopping place for the day. But first, we had to find an auto parts store for spare fasteners. While I shopped in the screw and nut department, Patrol Dog was trying on hats.

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