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Originally Posted by Sniper X
Is that a Lyle recurve? I shoot a couple old Grooves one of which I had built for me custom at the Groves plant here in Albuquerque when I was 10 in 1968, the other I bought (a 1970) only about five years ago. I do hunt with a compound bow too, an old 4 runner, but am more extinctive with a recurve when something is moving faster than a walk. Shoot, I can hit rabbits on the run with my original Groves. BTW I have a Lyle fusion long bow too is why I asked.

No, it's a Black Widow MAII 60" @ 72#. It's been my absolute go to bow since 1990. I've shot a couple of Groves recurves and they are fantastic also. I also have a compound these days due to some shoulder/elbow problems a couple of years ago. If I can find it I'll post up a picture of a nice prairie goat I got with that bow a couple of years ago. Now that the shoulder and elbow are cooperating I am starting to shoot the recurve and longbow once again.
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