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Originally Posted by TexasRT
I wouldn't have taken offense without the Edit All wild animals do some strange things at times. I've had a very nice 10 point white tail walk up to ten feet and just stare at me while I was stalking javelina. The warthogs were quite wary where I was and I think that it probably due to the level of predation. The leopard population was significant in that area.

The young warthogs were a blast to watch and film. They would come in all puffed up with their whiskers representing faux tusks but at the first snap of a twig they would turn into whirling dervishes heading for the brush.
Very true about animals being unpredictable, and how a very elusive quarry one day can be almost like a barnyard pet the next in its behavior. I recall last fall doing some wild turkey hunting and commenting somewhere on how those critters wouldn't come within 200 yards of me, and then ShadyRascal, who lives just down the road from me, posted a pic of himself practically petting a turkey on his property. Jeebus.
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