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Woke up to hear it raining last night and expected things to be quite wet as I crawled out of the trusty tent. bone dry? I am so use to the Northwet where it is like a perpetual rain forest, I forget that with the dry air up here things dry out quickly.

Ok Sleep is starting to get to us. The days are getting longer and we are staying up to midnight everynight. Chris being the teenager that he is needs sleep, so the earlier get ups 8 am are killing him. He gets to sleep-in today. We have decided that we will not have any more L o n g days in the saddle as the norm so today will be short.

Holy crap, we have been in Canada for almost a week now and have not been to a Tim Hortons!! We fix that this morning with a doubleouble and lots of sugar. We are well caffeinated and loaded up on enough evil to be fine for a few days. We hit the road around 11 with mild temps and broken clouds. My mirror is loose and I need to tighten it. I don't know who invented the two nut and left hand thread concept at BMW but damn, I always need two tools, three hands and do the work while looking in a mirror backwards and sideways to figure this out.

We hit Smithers around lunch. Cloudy and a few showers. But it is quite a pretty town nestled in the mountains. We have been eyeballing A&W's for the past day or so and get our fix now. The skys clear quite a bit after lunch and we can see how beautiful this town is. Our end point today will be New Hazelton at the foot of the Cassiar. A short ride after a couple long days.

Apparently the most photographed bridge in the country? I guess I can buy that.

I am deathly afraid of heights. And crossing this baby challenged me to know end. I stopped breathing, stared at the end and prayed I would get there. At the end I stop and look in my mirrors and Chris is up and down on the saddle, looking around like he is at the fair.

The Ksan reservation is at the fork of the Buckly and Steen rivers I think, and there is a nice campsite.

We are having too much fun here. Nice place, as we wonder from the historic indian village, over to the general store for a milkshake, off to the river to skip a few stones and watch the locals try their luck at trying to kill some fish. We tuck the tent away in a little forested clearing. The Lions guard the area. This would become the norm.

So far the bugs have been great! Quite remarkable, and we are glad. However sometimes it is not the amount of bugs, but where they bite you that matters.
We may have been away too long, but somehow this reminds me of an old girlfriend from highschool.

One thing about camping is that there is time to really enjoy what is around you. The air is so clean and clear. A quick look up shows us just one more thing that makes this trip great.

Had some time today, so we took a lot of hikes and walks down by the river, had lots of time to just 'be' instead of 'go'.

Or grab a cup of tea and head down to the river(s). We be hangin' loose.

On one of these walks the squirrels 'jacked' Chris's corn nuts. This would be a bond that would last for the trip.

Strange how things play out. This is a place I have never heard of, never mind would have normally stopped at. Whatever/Whenever in full force. I am a bit giddy as we head to bed; the beginning of the Cassiar first thing in the morning and we plan to be in Hyder later in the day. AK here we come.
Whatever/Whenever, Father/son to AK

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