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Originally Posted by bigalsmith101
I read the entirety of "Short Way Around," as I found that reading as much as I can about everything I want to know about is one of the best ways of learning (at least for me) I had not yet much considered the Dr650 at that point and was biased towards the XR650L as I hosted a a guy riding around the world on one. (Gabe Bolton aka baronbolton)

I've got even more reading to do, and I just reread "Short Way Around"

The more I read, the more subtleties surface that suggest that the DR650 is the bike of choice. Africa Twins aren't readily available in the States, I'm not geared towards buying a newish BMW, KTM, or other big player either.

Does anyone have a suggestion on rising the seat height of the DR650 other than building up the seat? Can suspensions be "lifted" or adjusted taller? Also, on second thought, and previously mentioned, is the DRZ400 not a good choice only due to it's size or due to it's carrying capacity? I recently saw one, fully farkled, and it looked like quite the machine! The DRZ400 is also has a 2" taller seat height, a bonus to myself at 6'6"

I've begun my shopping experience along with my friend Tom, and gf Kristi. We're on the hunt for fantastic bike with low miles, and undervalued price tags. Where are they?


DRZ 400 would be a fine choice. Excellent bike. And you can put a kickstarter on it. -------Go to
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