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Talking Bruce is in on the report!

Mike got a little ahead of me on the report so I will try and catch up.
For those who don't know what the Gnatsass is, even though some say we are legendary, it is the Greater Nevada AdventureTouring Society Around the Silver State. The founder, Bert Fox, wanted to call attention to all the great riding possibilities around and in Nevada, so he says. I think he was just looking for excuses to go riding and lure some of his buddies in. Thanks Bert!

I need to explain about Mike. He is quick to invite people to all kinds of fun stuff. And most of the time few respond. He invited me to the Beamer dealership to see this presentation of "The Road Less Traveled."

Well I was hot to go! Then it took quite a bit to get Mike jump started. This ride was the best ride I've been on, period.

For those of you thinking of going, the anticipation and preparation are part of the fun so enjoy it.

Ok, bactracking a little to the Lasal Mountains, I knew they were there but had never been through them. I had no idea that they were basically right in the middle of the Utah desert. A cool refreshing scenic ride. If you are going to ride the TAT or a portion of it you can't go wrong riding the Utah portion.

We only stopped for lunch in Moab because we were just getting started, but this is a good place if you need tires or maintainence for your bike.

We arrived in Green River by 3:00 PM. We thought about going on further but wasn't sure where we would stay along the trail. It turned out there was a campground a few miles past Black Dragon Canyon. You would need food and water though. The mosquitoes were bad around sundown in Green River. That is probably because we were camped right on the Green River. Bug spray is a must for the trip.

Mike keeps making references to how hot is was, and it was, but is was not really noticeable while we were riding. The weather was perfect at higher evelations and just a touch warm in the lower ones. I was a little nervous when July was the only time we could get schedules to meet for the ride. After two July rides it is now my preference for the best time to go. Don't be scared of a July ride. There is not as much mud and the moon dust hasn't had a lot of time to develop.

It just after 3:00 PM when we got to Richfield. We stopped at the auto parts store for the fasteners. The hat intrigued me. (see picture above) Mike said he thought the heat was getting to me but I told him my favorite movie as a kid was the Wizard of Oz and I always liked the Tin Man.

We then stopped at a convience store and were enjoying some Gatorade. Richfield is a motel stop on the TAT. We were discussing whether to stay or continue on when this old guy with a cane came in and starting laughing at us. The guy said: "Don't you know it is 103 degrees out there?" Mike quickly repied; "Gees dude, we didn't need to know that." We decided not to stay in a place that hot and hit the trail.

I was mainly interested in riding and having fun. Mike wisely took a lot of picutures. I took a few and will get them to him so he can post a few.

I think we are caught up!
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