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Report: Second ride on my re-worked suspension from Konflict Motorsports.

I recently had Alex do a full service and re-spring the forks on the KTM. I asked him to remove the "3rd Bushing", which is a common thing to do on the 2004. I was being a cheap bastard, and waved off his suggestions to do valve work. He said my oil was the worst he'd seen, and there was scoring on the bore, which he polished out. My bad!! I guess 4 years is too long!

I did the Black Bear Enduro in Tahuya in June. The forks were much improved in the fast stuff, but they were really jarring me, in the slower roots and rocks. After 50+ miles I was significantly more fatigued than usual.

Alex, (like a doctor making house calls) called me on my way home, to see how the suspension was. We talked and discussed options. For a VERY reasonable fee, he offered to pick up the forks again, and work his magic on the valves. I had a vacation coming up, and told him he had lots of time.

Well Saturday I did a 115 mile DS ride from Enumclaw, to Lk Cle Elum, which had everything from high speeds on Hwy 410, to gravel on FS70, roots and rocks, and tight switch backs going over Windy Ridge. The forks are stellar! I can't think of a better feeling bike, well maybe Gabriele's 570, that Alex worked on, but that thing has a little more mass than my 200. ;-)

Only problem is, it really highlighted how sacked out the rear is…

Thanks Alex!

Highly recommeded.

Originally Posted by Konflict Motorsports
Check us out at

We at Konflict Motorsports would like to inform you we now offer Suspension Services. Alex has attended numerous seminars and clinics throughout the country trying to refine his knowledge on the physic's and understanding of what it takes to make a championship winning set-up with your suspension. Alex has been done countless hours of extensive Research and Development throughout the country finding what the perfect set-up would be.
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