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Originally Posted by Uglyprimate
Not one driver can form a complete sentence, which is fine I guess, it's not like any of the fans in the stands ever read an interview the next day.

MotoGP and Superbikes is where it's at. NOTHING trumps the Ducati poon, and the riders will race in the rain at the same fucking speeds the bass fishing butt fuckers all play follow the leader at.
All the drivers nowadays are groomed and very commercial viable. They aren't the good ole boy variety anymore. All the newest stars are from out west and can speak just fine. Jimmie Johnson, the Busch Brothers, Gordon, Greg Biffle. None of them are southern boys. Just that douche Dale Earnhardt Jr who has done nothing in the last several years. This is also hilarious because it pisses off the southerners that their good ole boys are getting the shit kicked out of them by california trash. Hell with the money they make it NASCAR, it's utterly retarded to go road racing. They can make a ton more in NASCAR driving circles.

MotoGP has sucked ass for a long time. Watching someone win by 25 seconds isn't entertaining. Superbike has been iffy this year. Last year it was awesome. Moto2 is by far the most entertaining series going right now without a doubt.
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