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Originally Posted by Uglyprimate
As a kid, I liked Nascar. Cale Yarborough and Richard Petty.

Cale took a Camaro to LeMans, didn't finish, but had the balls to do it.

Now I absolutely despise it. Nothing "Stock", nothing even remotely interesting. Worse yet are the fellow spectators.

It's like sitting around a truck stop with a bunch of bare chested truck drivers and their buffet sow wives wearing halter tops picking their leg scabs with the salad bar forks. For every "southern belle" you see, you have to filter through 750 Walmart shopping trolls. That "southern belle" is usually just some retired meth addict stripper who's full set of teeth left years ago. Without all that plastic surgery dance money, she has a face too ugly even for her daddy to fuck.

Not one driver can form a complete sentence, which is fine I guess, it's not like any of the fans in the stands ever read an interview the next day.

MotoGP and Superbikes is where it's at. NOTHING trumps the Ducati poon, and the riders will race in the rain at the same fucking speeds the bass fishing butt fuckers all play follow the leader at.

Formula One died when Senna did.
Stereotype much?

Fat fans, check
Southerners, check
Incest, check
Uneducated, check
Toothless, check
Wal-Mart, check

You may want to look at where drivers are coming from these days and where a lot of the races are held.

PS: You left out the especially clever part about all the left turns.
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