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As was mentioned, the old timer told us how hot it was, and we decided to leave.

We hit a section of the Paiute ATV trail that was familiar to me.

A little water and shade felt good.

We arrived in Kanosh at just past 1800. The first stop was the Bob Nafus Sinclair station for fuel.

We decided that it was late enough in the day, that we shouldn't push on to Baker, NV. As warm as it still was, camping in Kanosh might be a better option that out in the desert where shade is much less. We asked Bob if he could suggest a place to camp. He offered his backyard. We thought that was rather generous, but didn't want to impose. He then suggested the city park. Some cities frown upon this. Bob didn't know if Kanosh would or not, but to just tell anyone that may bother us, that Bob said it was fine. Just then, the young son of the local mayor walked in. Bob tried to get permission from the mayor's son. The mayor's son said that he really didn't care where we camped. Patrol Dog and I kept eying the small motel next door. Bob claimed to be the assistant to the assistant of the assistant manager and said he could rent us a room. Another shower sounded nice so we sprung for a room. A room with one bed was $5 less than one with two beds, so I rolled my sleeping bag out on the floor to save $5.

Next, we needed food. Bob asked the next customer who walked in, how late the grocery store was open. 1830 was the answer. It was now 1840. There was a gas station that had fried chicken in Meadow, about 7 miles away. We were contemplating what to do when Bob mentioned that he had some burritos in a freezer out in the shop. Upon checking out the assortment of freezers and coolers, we found this place to be a culinary delight. I immediately picked a frozen burrito as well as a personal size frozen pizza. Some cold drinks and an ice cream. This was all we needed.

Bob and Patrol Dog making dinner plans.

Bob shared stories of some of the many TAT riders that he sees. Most riders have to stop here since there is not gas until Baker, NV.

Notice the bag of Cheetos on the counter.
As we would find out later in the ride, some people can live off of Cheetos and Diet Coke.
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