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Damn this is a great trip. If you are thinking about coming up here, ya gotta do it. Text your wife/husband/partner/roommate/boss, right now and let them know that you will be gone next june/july for 3-4 weeks. This is amazing, each and every day. Seriously, text them right now.

Woke to partly sunny skys and much warmer temps today. We say goodbye to our worldly bicycle friend and head north on the Cassiar. Today we are going to Liard Hot Springs! Woo hoo. A little vacation on the vacation

The Cassiar is awesome and not to be missed. I don't think we saw 5 cars all day. And none going north. We pulled right up along side this guy and we watched each other for a while. I was so amazed that I forgot to take a picture. Actually I was afraid to take my hand off the throttle just in case

When we intersect the Alcan we head south and east for about 140 miles to the Springs. We stop at Watson lake for fuel and food. A couple riders coming north said that Liard was full, and folks were camping in the overflow lot (lots of RV's). Not what we wanted to hear.

Lunch at Bee Jays truck stop. good eats

A little Buffalo and a little greens

The watch dog was up all night.

The road is big and wide, and is like the interstate when compared to the Cassiar. We roll at 80 mph for good measure. We can feel the magnetic pull of the Liard drawing us in. There is a lot of wildlife here. Much more than the Cassiar even. Grizzly and black bear, bison, all over the place.

We arrive at Liard and they have only two spots open. We only need one and we have the lions guard that one closely.

Ok for those of you who think that motorcycle trips to AK should be rides of endurance, hell rides with no sleep, bugs, long days and other notable punishment, then you should skip over this next part.

The hot springs are DA-BOMB. We will spend a couple nights here just soaking it up.

The snow day is long behind us now...

Yea baby

The Alpha pool was HOT. It was over 120 at the far end!!

The night comes and it is time for smores. Oh yea, about the smores. My wife and I perfected the art of smore making back on a camping trip before kids, Mystic Beach actually, on Vancouver Island. Trapped in a rainstorm for an entire day, we snuggled by the fire and developed our smores; now a family tradition that the rest of the world does not understand. The smores include varying degrees of marshmallow roasting, pre heating the chocolate to the melting point on the fire, and yes, the toasting of the graham crackers. BTW when the stick comes out of the marshmallow it should be completely clean. Haha, Damn we are one sick family.

From a while back,

After 6 or 8 of these we are ready for a midnight dip. It is cold as we head to bed, but the warmth of the springs has us heated to the core.
Whatever/Whenever, Father/son to AK

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