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Am I going to have to defend myself about the Cheetos?

All right.... now I know someone is following this ride besides Quota and myself. Sounds like someone would like a little information and inspiration about riding the trail.....not reading for the pure entertainment.

I would like to back up just a bit. A ways back Quota talked about a tip over. "A small stretch of sand in the San Rafel Swell area that resulted in a low speed tip over was about as exciting as it gets." So... gun 4 hire.... get out your TAT map # 5 for Utah. This small stretch of sand is about one mile in length. It is located in the middle of the Dual Sport Bypass. I quote the map. "If you are on a big heavy bike you should take this bypass. This will avoid very deep sand, big rocks, and a nasty uphill climb. Get on I-70 and head west."

The thought of getting on the interstate just doesn't sound good. I remember pressing Quota for a conversation about the bypass. He said; "I don't see any reason to take the bypass, do you?" Well, as you can see by the pictures, I am not a young man. I didn't want to be a Wuss. There are no Wusseys allowed on the trail. I had to think quick. "No, I don't have any reason. I just wanted to give you a chance to back out."

The reality is Quota and I are both the kind of riders that if you tell us we probably shouldn't go there we want to go and find out why. I can almost feel your smiles as you read this because many of you are the same way. It has probably got you into some trouble over the years.

I am riding a Suzuki DR 650. This is not a light bike by any stretch of the imagination, especially after the gear is loaded. I call the sand "Sugar Sand." It makes me think of what it would be like to ride through just really deep sugar...sugar with no bottom. I made it through here fine. I didn't go down until we got to the Nevada bypass. I've hear stories about KLR's making it through so an XR 600 R would be a great machine.

The Dual Sport Bypass and the Black Dragon Canyon are the only truly technical portions of the Utah TAT. If you have never ridden sand, you could have some trouble. If you have never ridden rocks, you for sure will have some trouble. I give this analogy. Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, one being a beginner rider and ten being the rider that you would hope to become. If you are a five or above, go for it. If you don't try the sand, you may never know what it was like.

Now this is just one rider's opinion. This is an open forum so if you agree or disagree feel free to chime in.

Ok... so we arrived early in Richfield. Since it is July and the days are long we had plenty of time to ride on. The TAT shares the Paiute ATV Trail up over the mountain and down into Kanosh. The Paiute Trail is a network of trails a couple of hundred miles long. People come from all over the west to ride it. You can ride from town to different town for a week getting food gas and motel along the way. You can even ride in the towns down the back streets and not need a street legal machine.

So anyway.... the atvs berm up much of the trail. This makes it so you can take a motorcycle fast through the corners without much worry about sliding off. It is twisty, and there is enough water and washout ruts to make it fun. If you are sitting at home and reading this and haven't been riding for a while just remember... if you start riding again you might reverse that aging process.

Now Kanosh is not the designated stop for a motel but we were ahead of schedule and it worked out well. You have read ride reports so know by now that part of the fun is meeting people along the trail. Bob Nafus is one of those people. He is just an interesting great guy. We got everything we needed from him (including Cheetos, the universal food) at a reasonable price and really enjoyed the conversations. When you pass through stop and meet him and say hi. Just tell him you are a TAT rider and he will already know a lot about you.

Quota is a shutterbug. I have to remember not to take any clothes off around him. A couple of pictures back there is one not so flattering.... sorry... Quota is posting the pictures....Would it help to say I have lost 15 pounds since that picture?

Hang in there to learn more about the Cheetos and Diet Coke. Two more buddies join us in Nevada.
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