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Moto Guzzi Norge first impressions

Last year I needed a bigger bike to ride 2 up. My KLR was fun for me by myself but it did not work well with my wife. Here I am with my son at Hoover Dam.

So while looking for a bike for my son, I stumbled across a 1982 Suzuki GS 750 with very low miles and in near perfect shape. I took my wife over and we rode around and it was comfortable.
I put on a different windshield.

So after a year of riding the GS 750, I decided to move up to a bigger bike.
Here are some of the things that I wanted.
Low end power
Upright seating position
Good wind protection
Low seat height
Decent fuel mileage

I looked into BMW's but they seemed to be far out of my price range. I really did not want a Honda ST, or Yamaha FJ or Kawasaki concourse. All of them seemed to be too high for my short little legs.
My friend purchased a Moto Guzzi Breva and let me ride it. Wow! I was hooked.


The only problem when riding the Breva at highway speeds, was the wind protection, so I decided to look into the Norge.

After selling the KLR to a family of adventurers, I had room for a new bike.
Here is my new Norge ...

Dave at Moto International in Seattle was very helpful and enjoyable to deal with. So I decided to see what the Norge will do. I took it on a short run to Wenatchee to put some miles on before our big couples ride to Montana.

So I went out to Enumclaw and headed up Highway 410 to Yakima.



Here I am near the top of Chinook Pass



I then rode into Yakima and through to Ellinsburg. I met my freind in Quincy for Lunch. We went to his house in Wenatchee for a couple of hours and I then rode home via Bluett Pass and I 90.

Here are my first impressions of the Moto Guzzi Norge.
I love the power. Great right off the line and plenty of passing power even in 6th gear. If I was going 70 mph and I wanted to pass a big semi. I got into the left lane, and rolled on the throttle, and by the time I was around the beast I was doing 90mph. Slow down!
Freeway riding is a dream. It takes the bumps well and the wind protection leaves you with the feeling that you are on a motorcycle but not getting beat up by the wind. No Buffeting of any kind! Some wind here and there but I could get totally out of it by ducking my head down 2 or 3 inches. Then I was forced to look through the windshield, which I did not like.
The cornering was wonderful. I am not an aggressive rider, so I did not scrape the center stand, but I am noticing the tires are scuffed all the way over.
Seat comfort. I have never ridden a 400 mile day before and this was a dream. I did not have any problem with my butt getting tired or sore. Now, I did take plenty of breaks and got off every once and awhile.
Here I am at the outside of CleElum

Fuel mileage. So far I have got 45+ MPG That is right there in what I wanted. I have a hard time with a motorcycle getting less mileage than a car...
Looks. I love the looks of this bike. I never wanted a black motorcycle, but this one looks almost midnight blue in the sunlight

All in all I am extremely happy with this bike. I am surprised that more people have not discovered Moto Guzzi's
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