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Good morning. Chris's love affair with the squirrels continues. I think he packed this one in from the last camp. Everybody, now, "i'm all right, nobody worry 'bout me..."


Hey anybody can shoot a video of a bike on a dirt road.

With the crappy weather I set up some tarpage in the trees to keep us dry then we headed across the street to the little restaurant, hotel, gas station place. There was a rider couple in there and we began to talk. Now they looked like they had been dragged under a truck. They were two of a 1000 HD riders on a race from Key West to Homer. I guess the winner would get 500,000, they had a difficult specific route to follow (crossed Fl 3 times before leaving) and you had to follow it exactly. No speeding tickets, and no motels. They were beat, and did not look too please when I informed them that the TOW highway that was apparently on their course was dirt. 3 had already been killed and a couple other severly injured and harleys were falling like flies.

Other riders came in. Many were badly unprepared. It was cold this morning and raining hard. One guy came in wearing a leather jacket and jeans, soaked! He plodded in. Starred at the candy rack for a good 10 minutes, then walked out. Crazy.

We ate and thought that there could be no other place we would like to spend our first real crappy wet day, then hanging in a hot springs. So we spent the good part of the day doing just that. In between naps

Those pools worked just well in the rain.

And wildlife as well.

This guy was 8 inches long.

Here is a common item in most campsites up north. Water water everywhere.

We found the local hangout for campers, and the woodstove gave us a chance to dry out a bit, including the towels and suits.

Here are a couple shots of the area as you walk up to the hotsprings. This was just after 10 pm. Serious moose country here. There were large patches on the ground that were completely flattened from moose bedding down for the night last night. We would hang until after midnight.

Many locals up here tonight. The folks coming down from the north did not have good things to say about the weather up there, and the TOW was a muddy mess according to those on 4 wheels, and they actually laughed when we said we were on motorcycles. Maybe I should have told them thet we were riding BMWs. HA!! We were born to face adversity!!
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