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Rained hard again last night. Got me thinking about the conditions of the roads ahead. Not so much the pave, but he Dempster and TOW. After I figured out they were 5-6 hundred miles away I quite thinking about it.

Sorry not many pics today as we were on the AK highway making time. Nice road, pretty, low traffic, but not overly photo incredible, at least in these parts. I must be careful, we are getting spoiled, this is one beautiful ride. Hours of beautiful country, very very nice roadway, and almost no traffic.

Cloudy am but they skies improved by the minute. Why should I think anything else. The big guy up there knows we are riding today; break out the sun!

Well there is the Sunshine State, of FL, and yup it is pretty sunny there, and there is of course, Friendly Manitoba and they are mighty friendly folks. But I am not sure if there is any one of these more appropriate than this.

Let's see, Chris gets oh, 250 to 260 miles to the tank. We were 140 from Watson lake to here, so no way we can make it back. But there are several stations along the way, one that would put us about 200 I think. Good to go. Well we all know where this logic is heading...With an 80 mph trip down and a strong strong headwind back, we were screwed.

Off to the shoulder he goes.

I say, " I can't believe we passed gas stations with your gas light on,"
He shrugs, "well, I thought you knew where you were going"
Ah yes, one of those great father son moments.

We have a siphon just for that purpose. Just wasn't thinking we would use it on the middle of the Alcan. We situate the bikes just wrong on the shoulder. I am on the wrong side as the siphon is 6 inches too short. We Laurel and Hardy the bikes around and get to work. Yes the Adventure gas tank is big. But the gas is damn hard to find when you are down to your last few gallons. It hides down those narrow side slabs. We get it figured out finally, and he clicks the key on to see that the idiot light is out. it is. OK good to go.

I can't believe this. We were having so much fun I gave him most of my gas and can now go about 15 miles before I run out! No way I can siphon back to the beast from his bike. We nurse it to the station. "Hey dad, I only needed like half a gallon!".

If you see your sign, give us a shout out.

One could take 50 pics here and not get them all.

Very cool. I was looking for the first one. I thought of all the signs, one pointing me to the beginning would have been fun.

After a couple days off we were good to motor 400 plus miles to Whitehorse; the driest city in the country I was told. Great, warm dry, mostly sunny weather all the way up until about 2 miles from town and it started to sprinkle.

Well we needed to do some laundry, needed a shower, needed call Ms. ADV as we had not done that yet, and Chris was on life support and needed a TV fix. So we got our first hotel. We talk about whether we want to go north or west from here. The weather reports call for 60 percent chance of rain all around us north and west. Could be iffy for the Dempster and TOW, we could go west and catch them later. North it will be.

The light thing (or the lack of darkness thing) is becoming an issue. It just doesn't get dark and we don't get tired. We stay up til whenever, 1:30 tonight getting stuff out of the dryer, and then we get up, like, 15 minutes later. Well not really, but we need some sleep. Gotta figure this out. We sleep ok, with eye covers and earplugs, we just don't go to bed. This is something that all my Ride Report reading did not pick up on.

Saw this guy and his family on the way up, I hope he did not recognize me from the restaurant.

So many black bears, they are becoming, yawn, passe.

We go to eat at the hotel restaurant, which is not open. I should have checked this when we got it. Well apparently is was open, "but sir it is midnight and they have closed." That is the other thing about the light, back home the world kinda revolves somewhat around light and dark. Here it has nothing to do with it as they keep regular business hours and light does not play a part. Seems simple, but it is damn strange when you are up here.

Ms Adv is glad to hear from us. Everyone back home was getting worried cus we had not moved (SPOT) for two days until she informed them that we were near some hot springs. All was well. Busy day tomorrow with a tire change and some basic shopping to stock the shelves before we head up to Dawson. There we go getting all excited again.
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