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When we woke the next morning, we were ready for breakfast. Since Bob's Sinclair was not open yet, we figured we would ride to Baker for breakfast at the SilverJack Inn/Electrolux Cafe.

I'd dined here many times before, and knew that the owner, Terry, quit serving breakfast at 1000. Since we would be crossing into a new time zone, we would add an hour in our favor of getting a real breakfast.

Across the Utah desert we went. As fast as the bike would go. This is where a big bike could be fun. Something capable of running down the dirt at considerably faster than 70mph. We stopped for the obligatory photo of Crystal Peak, but kept moving. There wasn't much to see that I hadn't seen before.

Crystal Peak

My little 400 cc bike didn't have a chance of keeping up with Patrol Dog. At least I wasn't in his dust.

Western Utah photos:
Another 30-40 miles per hour would have been fun here.

We rolled into downtown Baker with less than 5 minutes to spare before there would have been no breakfast. I'm not sure why riders spend their time eating and sleeping a few miles away in Border. Baker has so much more character. The food in Border is OK, but I've always had better in Baker. Both have 24 hour gasoline. Both have lodging. The SilverJack Inn/Electrolux Cafe has a great beverage selection. Only Baker has shade trees...

One of my favorite ride destinations. Seems like I end up here 1-2 times/every year.
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