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Well we are finally in Whitehorse I laugh because we are roughly 1500 miles the quick way from home and have been gone 10 days I think. That being said I would not trade a single moment.

2500 miles or so thus far, and 10 days or so. Here is a quick equipment update for the past 10 days.

The bikes have worked flawlessly, not a hickup.

All clothing is as it should be. A couple new pieces for this trip were the Merrill goretex shoes, Merrill wickable lightweight long sleeve shirt, Merrill windproof fleece, and REI waterproof pants. All of these have been stellar and worth their weight, or lack thereof, in gold.

The Caribou bags have been a pain. Side loading, enough said there. If they are very lightly loaded they seem to close ok, but with anything other than that they are a PITA. The lids flex at the hinges if you have to 'squish' a bit so they can be weird to close, and almost every strap or piece of anything, including the lid tension strap seems to get in the way of closing. I hear about these every morning.

The emerald mountain big agnes tent with the huge vestibule is a godsend. Not sure how we would do this without all that room. And it packs down to nothing. The ground cloth extends past the fly in several places so this sucks big time in the rain and one must be aware of that. Who designed that?? When you combine this with the fact that neither the ground cloth or bottom of the tent is actually WATERPROOF!?!, the end result is wet tent floor.

Couple sets of gloves are great, I have a heated pair, summer rain gloves for most days, and airflow for the heat. So far I have needed them all and happy we brought them.

The 650 small alternator does not allow full heat and the PIAA lights, so one must be careful for prolonged periods of use.

Wool gloves and hats are a much needed plus around camp. Something I never brought on my motelling trips.

The spare tires have become my storage place of choice for just about everything from water bottles, rags, rope, bug and bear spray, you name it. I may have to bring a spare tire where ever I go.

Ok, big pile of laundry on the floor is in need of attention. At 1:30 last night we were in the 'dumping mode' not the 'packing mode'. Back at you. BTW, partly cloudy and very beautiful today and Whitehorse is a nice town.
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