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Originally Posted by GasGas300
What can you tell me about this bike? I am looking at one for single track and fireroading - want to make it street legal. Who on here is riding one and what has been your experience?

If its main purpose is to enjoy single track ... get a 200 put a heavy flywheel
weight on it if you your a big tall fat guy get a the 250 that shares the 300's larger frame ...

I'm a believer in having a motor for what you need it for .. at my local KTM shop I'm told they have to fix countless 300's not because they are bad motors but because the guys that ride them lug the crap out of them in much higher gears needed ..(I think that might be small man syndrome needing the big 300)

if you want a street plate might need to find an older model with the title on it .. or try your luck at the DMV and bat your eyes at the girl working the counter and see if she or he whatever your into .. will street plate it for you ..
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