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Originally Posted by DUNDAS

I'm a believer in having a motor for what you need it for .. at my local KTM shop I'm told they have to fix countless 300's not because they are bad motors but because the guys that ride them lug the crap out of them in much higher gears needed ..(I think that might be small man syndrome needing the big 300)
First time I've heard of that... Plenty of luggers out here, & the bikes last darn near forever. Regardless of "manhood", the 300 works well in trials mode in more technical areas. I personally find the 200 to be a blast and a great tight woods bike, but to get the most out of it I find I have to be more on my game than riding a 250 or 300. I used to have a 250exc, ridden a 200xcw plenty of times, but the best overall fit was the 300. I like the motor for the "right" amount of torque, light weight, being able to ride "smooth" & conserve my energy on longer tougher rides.
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