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Nice monkey :o)

The mopedtour in 42kms/hour went longer than it was thought from beginning. Zoomer and I experienced hours of boring views of wood, rain, cold and long long straights of roads. But, we also éxperience beautifuk views, varm, sunny days, and amzing hills up and down. Some days we road a lot and beecause circumstances some day almost nothing......

Day 1
Boden to Strömsund

Just a change that first day ended in Strömsund. Time went out. Last time I rode this way was on Honda Varadero. Started after my workday. Now I´m riding Zoomer and speed is slow.....42,7 topspeed. I left home about half past 4 in the morning and have now been ride 500 kms.
Zoomer is spinning nicely and after a while I get used and very calm with the speed....I like it!
Day has been a little bit cold. Just before Strömsund there was a heavy rain.

Zoomer looks very heavy loaded. Still, the chassi is stabel as it can bee and the Z do not make any protests.
Suspension sucks!!

Coffebrake just before Arvidsjaur

More coffe. Just after Storuman

First night at Strömsund camping. A long day yo day, 500 kms. Fix little food, take a walk in the area. Before my eyes forces shut, my thoughts goes to thinking of the first days impressions and what I and Z have to experience in common days.
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