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Originally Posted by Fe Man
So here is the deal; my eleven year old loves Disco's and claims he wants one for his first car. I had a 96 and absolutely loved it my recognize the inherent issues and I believe I have sorted out a solution to one of my biggest complaints, the engine.

We intend to put a Cadillac Northstar V8 in a non-running Disco! A clean broken Disco can be purchased for about $8.00 USD and nearly free is a perfect starting point. I am pretty sure I have got all of the details sorted out but we are a couple of years away from starting. If anyone is interested in attempting this feat, I would be happy to assist.
You may want to fire out some of these questions over at dweb - the fountain of knowledge for all things discovery.

A few people have done the engine/box conversion on Defenders but I haven't heard of a Discovery conversion.

Why not stick with the Rover v8? A good set of heads, cam, exhaust manifold and intake should get you to 250 reliable BHP with no real loss in mpg. After that you could always add the Janspeed turbo kit or a supercharger.

How much power do you actually need? These are off road vehicles not race cars
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