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Day 7

Stavanger to Notodden
(not exactly the road I ride, but shows Stavanger, Lysbotn and Notodden)

Todays subject is the 2,5 hours touristboat after Lysebotnfjorden and of course the
34 meanders climp up from Lysebotn. Iīm sure Z manage gallant all meanders.

Back to Lauvik. Iīm early, lot of time so we do follow some small roads.
Wait about half an hour for the boat which takes me to Lysebotn

Short journey to Forsand where we picup more cars and people

Under the bridge which I passed day before

....and 2,5 hours Lysebotnfjord comming

Boat stops and they tell a story about past when people didnīt pay there taxes
was leaved here

Isnīthe boat close? This is not a rowboat!

Preikestolen. 600 meter, though boys dangle their feets over the edge and same time
eating bananas. To get there, you have to walk at leat two hours one way. Iīve going
for that two times, both times I started to drink beer instead

Google "Preikestolen"

Z doesnīt care about the views

Whiskey fall. Story avout a german climbing up to a lonely women, started to make
whiskey up there. It was not allowed

About 500 seals lives after the fjord. One of theme

Lysebotn comming

Kjerag, 1000 metres. There are a big stone wedged between two rocks. You can go from
the rock to rock over the stone....if you are though

Google "kjeragbolten"

Lysebotnfjorden behind now

....and end of the fjord. Lysebotn now be continud. Z goes the 34 meanders
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