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I can't give you ride impressions, but I just got a smaller engine Beo, so I've been reading up on them. 500cc is going to be more than plenty to get you around. It should be more than enough for highway speeds and getting you off the line at lights. Hell, it would be enough for somebody with 100 pounds on you.

One of the things I love about my Scarabeo so far is the ride position. I learned on a Buddy and have sat on about a dozen different models trying to find something that fits. I'm 6 foot with size 12 shoes so the fact that the floorboard doesn't crowd me is great. Aprilia is known for having nice handling scoots with good brakes.

I don't know how it will compare to riding a motorcycle, all my experience is with scoots, but 500cc, fuel injected, disc front and back, with only 1400 miles and a topcase and windscreen that's been routinely serviced? Sounds like a steal to me.

I posted some pics of my 09 Beo 200 in the scooter pic thread if you want some closer pictures. The chassis looks a bit different, but the stylings seem to be very similar, so I think they could help.
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