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satday,,sunday,,satday? sunday?

Uhh, take it from me kids,,winter is coming,, ride both days whenever you can,,not satday or sunday,,satday AND sunday,,same effort for either day,,just do it twice!
you'll see the sense in this as the clouds form in the coming months,,

YFF's! go ride!
I got a busted wing strut, and you are all spozed to fill in for me when you can,,git out there!

Oh gosh,, I rode my bike all weekend, and the grass didn't git mowed,,

get a grip!
poison the lawn, and ride every weekend!
And,,you better have fun!,,and not the make bleev, walmart brand substitute fun, the real deal where you have to go out and get it yourself!

I'll rely on your tasteful posting of pics and ride stories that I missed, go ahead and rub it in,, I'll pass and roost y'all when my wing heals!
peace and dirt!
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV
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