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Don't think that coz it's a scoot it will be slow, heavy steering and boring, just the opposite.
A mate has a Scarabeo 500, and when I lived near him I still had my S4R 996 Ducati Monster. At the drags my Monster used to do mid-10's, with a 60ft time of 1.7's, but on the street you don't get the chance to get your weight just right for a proper launch.
He used to line up next to me and take great delight in twisting and leaving me for dead off the lights, it took me little wheelies and into 2nd gear before I could catch his tail-lights dammit, every time! Just to rub it in, through the twisties he would sit fair up my bum, I couldn't shake him, very demoralising!
Nothing worse when your riding down the highway in 45degC heat, hanging out for the next roadhouse 50km away so you can get ink, than looking over at your mate on his bloody touring scooter doing 135kph right next to you, casually riding one-handed while sipping his drink that lives in the cup holder the bastard's put on his inner fairing......
Who the hell would drag race a Ducati?!?!?!?!
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