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Originally Posted by Jamming
Wow! I really like the Norge. Couple of questions for you all lucky enough to already own one.

Are the valves screw type? Adjustment interval?
I've put 60,000 miles on a 1050 Tiger in 2.5 years, will the Norge stand up to the abuse? I do all my own maintence and am a professinal wrench, so I'm ok there.

How's the passenger seat? Is it good for all day and multi-day rides? My Wife is 5 foot even and 110 lbs. I'm 5' 7" with a 30 inch inseam.

How's the side cases and can I get a top case for the Wife to lean on?

I'm looking for a simple, low maintence, 2-up Tourer.
Valve adjustment and all fluids changed at 6K mile intervals, yes...... screw type Valve adjusters. So easy even a cave man can do it!

Some taller riders complain of cramped leg space for the rider, shouldn't be a problem for you.

Side cases suck, they leak. When I tried to have my panniers replaced or repaired under warrenty, I was told it wouldn't matter..."they all leak".........

I own a 1200 Sport which is a Norge w/o the tuppperware and have added the Norge seat and panniers. I've had the MG about a year now and have over 12K miles on it. It's had some issues but I think it's finally well sorted. This is my 1st MG in my over 45 years of riding and I enjoy the MG, warts an all. It has grown on me and I now understand the allure.
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