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Originally Posted by Jamming
Wow! I really like the Norge. Couple of questions for you all lucky enough to already own one.

Are the valves screw type? Adjustment interval?

How's the passenger seat? Is it good for all day and multi-day rides? My Wife is 5 foot even and 110 lbs. I'm 5' 7" with a 30 inch inseam.

How's the side cases and can I get a top case for the Wife to lean on?

I'm looking for a simple, low maintenance, 2-up Tourer.
The maintenance intervals are 10K Kilometers or 6250 Miles.

The valves are screw type and take about 30minutes to adjust the first time - that's allowing for R&R of the valve covers as well. Very simple to do. There is a plug on the front of the engine that gives access to a 23mm nut (IIRC) you can use to position the cylinders to TDC.

My wife is 5'7" and is quite comfortable on the seat, but says she gets a bit of wind buffeting at higher speeds, so for longer distance freeway stuff she prefers to ride her own bike. A taller windscreen might fix that.

There are several options for top cases with the two most popular being Givi and the Guzzi case. The Givi case will move the passenger forward a bit, even more if you add the pad. The Guzzi case sits back further giving the passenger and your nuts a bit more room. The Guzzi case costs more, will not hold two full face helmets and has in the past had some issues with falling off. Those issues have been solved, but I wouldn't buy a used Guzzi top case just for that reason. The helmet issue may or may not be a big deal as each side case will hold one helmet with about 1/2 the volume still available for other stuff.

The Givi top case will hold two full face helmets with a bit of room left over. With either case, you have about the same volume, they are just configured differently.

The panniers seem to retain water in the handle area which then flows into the case when you open them. Some folks have used different gaskets with varying results. The best option seems to be plastic bags. I have not run into that issue yet, so I have no opinion. I purchased the Guzzi internal liner/bags and would not do so again. I have yet to use them, and there are custom made bags available for substantially less money.

Great bikes. I love mine.

But you do have to put up with people asking about it whenever and wherever you park. It's just a burden we Guzzi owners have to shoulder

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