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Originally Posted by V Saarela
Thank´s techguy for your input and info.

Really nice looking camper. I suppose they are cheap to buy before converting. When did they stop manufacture them....or are they srill produce them?
Yes, they are cheap to buy. My brother has purchased several (both full size, 46 or 54 passenger versions and the short bus/head start bus in your photo) and partly converted them to campers. You can get a school bus with about 75,000 miles for around $1500-$2500 depending on the time of year and location of the auction.

They still produce them as we Americans are still producing school children

Originally Posted by techguy
Nice American school bus converted to a camper. When you see them here they paint them as you cannot leave the School Bus signs...
The classy thing to do is leave them school bus yellow and just repaint the wording from "School Bus" to "Cool Bus".
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