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Originally Posted by sakurama
You won't be able to upload maps onto the 276c on a Mac. No workaround.
But before you totally jump ship on this there are a lot of variables that might impact this. And Garmin will never say anything works on a Mac, they simply say they don't support it.

So the Questions are:

1) What version of Virtual PC?

2) What version o Windows are you running under Virtual PC

3) What version of the Mac OS X operating system are you running?

4) What version of USB? The very recent PowerBooks and the iMac G5 and G5 towers are all using USB 2.0; older iBooks, Powerbooks and iMacs used USB 1.1

I haven't tried using any of this to upload the Maps, but if the issue is the USB driver under Windows running under Virtual PC, then we've got issues. But I'd like to know the variables there and I can dig further.

As for

Originally Posted by RocketJohn
I thought people that used Apples drove VWs and rode bicycles...
Good god. Where has this buy been? The only people I know that use PCs is because they say they "have to", I choose to ride a motorcycle because I like the freedom; I choose the Mac because I like the freedom. Not because I have to.

Now this Garmin issue is a real pisser and has me frosted. But I spoke with the developers at Lorance (sp?) and they have a beautiful product and are working on a native Mac OS X application and hardware interface. Problem is Garmin has no competition at this point, really. All make users should write to Garmin tech support and show demand for a mac compatible GPS.
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