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Originally Posted by RT jim
One of my odd bikes I wish I keep BSA500mx all it had for wheel travel 2" max .Boy did it like deep deep mud It could please any crowd with rooster tail of mud sky high. It retired as ice race machine. No suspension and shifter on right side great for the job. Had couple rz350 yamaha's . Wanted to get a rz500 from canada and swap decals(since you couldn't have they on street in us).
Well, don't tell the boyz at the Marcus Dairy that in the mid 80's before it got way too popular, there would always be 3 or four RZ 500s, a coupla RG500 'zookis, sometimes even a Rothman Honda V3 . Then one weekend some guys from NHTSA and the EPA came round, taking liense plate numbers. Dang, always wanted a RG 500, too.
BTW, while there maay be some dumbass bikes being built, let's remember that the worst bike is still better than most cages. But you can haul a HD in a pickup truck.
For the love of Baldy, would someone please buy my bikes?

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