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Originally Posted by big jer
wauconda pass, sherman pass, flowery trail pass, tiger pass, and boulder pass. and 408 miles total today . feels like i've been goin up hill all day. thanks for the good ride today everybody it was fun!
You rode some of the fun ones and getting to ride them all in one day makes it that much more fun plus you had the way cool bonus of getting to see us in the middle of your ride.

Thanks for making the ride over, it was good seeing you again.

Originally Posted by PNW Buttercup
for somebody who does over 100mph on dirt... I don't want to even think how low you were flying today on the KTM. If I go over chances are I'll haul over and then ride. But the weather has to be a wee bit cooler or I'll croak.
If I head over that way I'll be riding, my bike isn't a truck trollop You have the Giant Loop now and you can hit Walmart for one of those seat pads and you'll be set.

Originally Posted by lamotovita
They were both fun. I do appreciate not bleeding today though.

Here's the link to the vintage weekend at Fairfield Sept. 11th and 12th.
I noticed you were being careful as you taking off and puting on your helmet. I didn't get a picture of the bright purple eye, I thought PNWbuttercup had it covered but it looks like you were spared this time.

Thanks for the link for the vintage weekend, it looks like fun and I want to watch you complete with your Bultaco.

I'll go checkout and add a few pics to PNWbuttercups ride report now.
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