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Originally Posted by rkover1
Wow, what a report; and an adventure!

Planning for my own trip up north from Woodinville in 2012 and taking notes as I read along. My son doesn't have much interest in bikes, but my 20 year old daughter surprised the heck out of us the other day when she announced she'd like to learn to ride! Hmmmm.....

Quick question on the 650 (I've got a 2006): what windscreen did you choose to replace the stocker? The original is too short for me (and I'm only 5'2") but the one in the photos looks like should be pretty close to right.

Keep up the report. Can't wait for the next installment.

It is a Wunderlich. they have 2, one tall one short. Both are considerably taller than stock. This is the tall windshield that I cut down to almost the size of the small setting. My son is 6 feet, so I would opt for the small for you. I got the Wunderlich because the version they have for my bike is Lexan and I assumed that this one was as well. No such luck as it is acrylic. It worked well for him.
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