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Drizzle as we wake in Seward. Chris looks out and says, "lets git outa here".

The plan was to head to Whittier thru the cool tunnel and ferry to Valdez. Two places that would be good to check out, regardless of the weather. Also that would lead us to a nice trip to Kennicott et al.

Turns out that for some reason the ferry is not running today?? So we either burn a day here. Out and back to homer, backtrack on the Glenn highway or, hmmm, how bout we head up to Denali and take the Denali highway west. With our minds cleansed with a good dose of Whatever/Whenever we down a couple Starbucks Doubleshots, mount our trusty steeds and we are off to Anc for Bfast 2 hrs away.

North of Anchorage is Wasilla. Now I am not stopping here unless Sara herself shows up in my lane. Hey, btw, I look as far west as I can and there ain't no way in hell she could see Russia. Now I am not sure if I can believe anything she says.

The weather stays dark with low clouds, but at least little rain. It is pretty dull north of ANC. As we approach Denali the view get interesting again. Here there are small weathered trees, almost like we are getting close to the treeline.

We stop at Cantwell at the west edge of the Denali Highway. No big mountain in sight as they clouds have their way. No change expected so instead of camping in the park we head east on the Denali Highway.

We see several rogue campsites along the way, but nothing really grabs us. About 30 miles in we get to Brushkana creek and a campground.


We hike above the camp to a plateau filled with blue berry bushes and nothing else. I can only imagine the bears when these ripen. Dense woods around the campspots which is nice. Here is the zoomed view down from the plateau.

Carpet, c'mon people!!

Lots of wood around. Build a nice smore approved fire. Add some tarpage in the trees to keep us dry if it rains. It is nice to be camping again. What a difference it makes to be out of that hotel. Being inside with the artificial light, stale air, and curtains, all blocking out the very essence of the wilderness. That just somehow feels wrong up here in AK. Good to be back.

Whatever/Whenever, Father/son to AK

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