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Day 10

Hrjar to Stockholm

Short ride today. Summer, lot to do for the garages. Its hard to get time fo an ovehaul
for bikes. I call a Hondadealer north of Stockholm. I tell them Im riding a Zoomer, where
I come from and where Im heading to. They just laugh, tell they have no times left, but
get to theme and they will of course fix it.

Start the day where it ended day before

Motorway to Stockholm. Mopeds are not allowed to ride there, so I found a wodland path
to follow.

Almost 10 kilometers after the path and......a gate.
Cant get around the gate and my only way is to drag Z under the gate. Like my Z so I
turn back the whole way.
Turnes on the motorway and followed it......No police in sight

I dont use the kickstarter, but it had troubleing from day two. Hars sometimes and gives
a scraped sound. This morning it gets stuck, so I have to kick it down almost in bottom.
At the garage I tell them, if they can take off the kickstarter.
Hondadealar change oils and the kickstarter only needed a little lubricate. Thumb up!

To Stockholm is only about 25 kms. Mean while I have called and booked a boat to Finland.
The boat will left at afternoon, so there are lot of time to kill.

Small roads to Stockholm, then spend and circle with moped around the city.
I have never liked Stockholm as a city, but now when riding a moped and getting everywhere
with shortcuts, I have to say......its a beatiful city with lot of water around.

Bridge opening

My boat, Gabriella is there already


Find a landing stage and sit on. Little windy, water and nice weather. Like it!

Down there, check in to the boat.

Motorcycles have to wait to last

Leaving Stockholm and.....I get to the bar

Sisterboat Amorella. This boat to Turku I have been omboard many times

Nice to sit outside in the wind and with a beer

Take many hours before we get out on the sea. Small ferrys here and there

Long corridor. I haved my cabine on the wrong side and....have to walk whole way here
many times

This day have been a nice restday. Get to bed at midnight. I spend a time with few
swedish motocyclists. They party hard and I told theme to take it aesy with the
alcohol. The police stays in Finland at harbour everytime in the mornings.... be continued
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