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Originally Posted by Smellyhound
Ha! traveling with the Fam. Got stuck on the other side at the Keystone/Port Townsend Ferry dock in the cage on Friday (no reservations... shit!). Watched an assortment of bikes go by. It made me sad. Then I realized it was an Adventure just the same... the 3 of us in the Death Wagon Crossover SUV, on our way to sights unseen. Spent the weekend in Ocean Shores. Was a nice trip. Now... where's that fuggin egg AJ ??!!!??? Oh wait... on our way to Glacier for a couple days... hold onto it for a few more .. please?
BTW if anybody doesnt know and wants to ride the "Going To The Sun" road one last time, this is the year to do it. Rumor has it the road will be closed this year. Apparnetly the costs of keeping it open has forced them to close it to everybody... except the tour buses those who generate revenue and contributed most generously to some political figures re-election campaign. Sadly I will be seeing it for my first (and probably last) time in a car (wife doesnt ride ).
Well you seem to have a good attitude about all the things that aren't going your way. Bikes get to roll onto most of these ferries without a reservation.

Far as that Egg goes, me and Georgette are rolling south to visit a friend in Yachats, OR tomorrow from here in Port Townsend.
Hoping that Egg gets placed somwhere in striking distance by then.
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