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Originally Posted by worldrider
But before you totally jump ship on this there are a lot of variables that might impact this.


Now this Garmin issue is a real pisser and has me frosted. But I spoke with the developers at Lorance (sp?) and they have a beautiful product and are working on a native Mac OS X application and hardware interface. Problem is Garmin has no competition at this point, really. All make users should write to Garmin tech support and show demand for a mac compatible GPS.
It's known that there is no way to load maps via USB on a Mac. Check the earlier post that links to a 4 page discussion of this. Garmins protocol is messed up to work with a non standard windows protocol. Mac supports a standard which they don't adhere to and never the twain shall meet.

I just bought a 276c last night and I'm shopping for a Windoz laptop just to load maps and firmware. The very second that a GPS maker supports Mac I will sell it all and buy their product. In fact I'll most likely sell it in a few months for the TomTom Rider coming out this summer - very smart. For now though this is the only way... sad but true.
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