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Originally Posted by scout18
Hey Apple Jam. 450 miles through some gorgeous country is always a good day. That gravel wasn't too bad. I got it up to 70 before the first cattle guard. I was kind of chasing the end of the daylight to get in there. Did you see any paragliders on your way in and out?. maybe send the egg to Granite or Fort Rock and show off some more of Oregon.
It was a GREAT ride!! Thanks for the timing. A neat spot to go to also; I'd never been there before.

I didn't leave Hood River until about 12:30 and flew the Forest Pavers to Detroit, then slabbed 22/20 the rest of the way to Bend. The bottom straight part of the gravel on the road up the hill was great, I had to slow down for all the cows on the other side of that Cattle Guard, though. Got some fresh shit on my tire & under my fender....phew!! Wanted to fly by 'em, but don't like to spook Livestock, + they might think they're deer and jump in front of me and commit suicide. No Paragliders that night.

Got into The Dalles to meet my wife, from Hwy 97/197, @ 8:45pm, after my Burger King stop in Madras. 450 miles; 8 hours 15 minutes, including two 1/2 hour food breaks.

I think I might show off some of Oregon right near home. I took a long enough ride to pick it up, I think.

You PDXers listening?? I'm gonna make it easy and sweet for y'all. I WILL suggest you take Hwy 26, to Zig Zag, through Lolo Pass, just to take the long sweet way. Sweeeeet one lane Forest Paver there, booooy!!

Originally Posted by Smellyhound
Now... where's that fuggin egg AJ ??!!!???
Originally Posted by Smellyhound
So where is that friggin egg!!!!!
I think I'm gonna take a little ride tonight.........
With a special little EGG!!

It's only gonna have SOME decent gravel (street bikable) to a beautiful little spot.
Pix of location to follow tonight!!

Originally Posted by EvilClown
Anything we can do to make this thread even more stagnant can't be bad...just make sure you post in in another forum.
I looked at the rules first! Gotta play fair, mama always said!!
But I will post a link to this Thread in our local PNW Forum to encourage our locals to take part

"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)
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