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The Denali highway. This is going to be a fun day. In the true spirit of Bear Grylls we head up to the highest point and look to the hills to check the weather for the day.

Kinda wish we had not done that. Actually, it improved throughout the day and we ended in shirtsleeves.

The highway is quite amazing. It is another beautiful AK gravel road. Smooth, flat, with some loose stuff where they lay it down fresh. Great to ride. The views are stellar. We come to a construction zone where they are inspecting the bridge over the Susitna River. They send a cute girl up to tell us the news.

When ever they send the cute girls to do the talking it means it will be a while. It was. Actually you can see that no way could we get by the truck on the bridge?? Oh well, who am I to argue with the cute girl. Their strategy worked.

The highway is amazing in its variety.

From tundra like ground to treed, to the high alpine of crossing the second highest highway pass in AK, MacLaren Summit.

We make our way to Tangle Lake Restaurant. Even though we have only gone about 100 miles, we fall in love with the area and decide to spend some time and check it out and spend the night at the campground.

There is a nice ridge right behind the tent, begging to be conquered. Here is the view from the bottom.

And one looking the other way. Did I mention that this is one pretty place!

And the Tangle lake version of Stonehenge

While checking over the bikes I notice one of the 650's bags is a bit loose. Grabbing the rack with my hand, it ah, comes off in my hand

No that is not an official salute.

That is pretty close to strike three for me with these. An hour later we have it wired back together as best we can. Never leave home without bailing wire, duct tape and wire ties.

Its not pretty, but it is as tight as a .... well its not gonna move.

We had momma and her babe come and visit. They entertained us for quite a while.


An evening climb up on the ridge affords the beautiful cool light that only the evening brings. I sit and watch the beavers do their thing in the lake.

A great highway. Not to be missed. A great site to rest our heads. This is likely our last night on the dirt in AK. We make the most of it.

Whatever/Whenever, Father/son to AK

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