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Originally Posted by scout18
Maybe take another ride. I think that egg and I have some unfinished business.
Here Ya Go, Scout!!
I think you did a crappy job "tagging" the egg, by the way. I know you did it on the fly, but.......
I believe you might have some unfinished business there !!

Originally Posted by Apple Jam
I think I'm gonna take a little ride tonight.........
With a special little EGG!!
See the MAIN TAG THREAD (linky below):
Well the EGG has been laid. Again. Well, after getting properly "tagged" !!

Are you ready for an "Adventure"?

Just inside the East side of the Mt. Hood National Forest is Ottertail Lake. It has a measly two-site campground right on this georgeous little mountain lake.
You get to go past Punchbowl Falls on the West Fork of the Hood River.

Can't really see the Falls from this bridge, you're on the topside of it, and you'd have to hike down to it.

This is the ugly view of the other side of the bridge you'll cross.

You go up this gravel Forest Road 10-1/2 miles. Totally street bike/street tire capable; it's a pretty good gravel road. I'd take my old Shadow, easy. Wouldn't want to do it on a sportbike, however.
Very few washboard spots, very few potholes. Killer ride

And, of course, on the way up, I get the required pic for Ladybug....

10-1/2 miles of this gravel road and you get to the lake.
This is a picture of the second campsite you come to as you enter this campground at the lake:

Each site has a picnic table, the second site has a sittin' log with the name BERT scratched deep into it.

This is the site to enter. Chances of someone being there on weekdays is slim, but it'll get occupied on the weekend likely, and you'll have to crash their site to get to the drop spot.

See the little trail my bike is on in those last two pictures?
Walk down that trail to the lake, between this tree and this rock:

Yeah, that rock:

Now look down on the lake side of that rock. See the Corona Bottle Cap on top of that little flat rock down there?

Look Closer:

Under that tiny bit of dried fern, under the rock and bottle cap, is the prize:

I have a feeling this one's not gonna sit very long. A little bug-in-my-ear (OK, a pleading PM) has asked me to hurry up with my EGG drop.
This little bug is quite a ways away, but apparently filled with ambition.

Good Luck ADVriders!!
"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)

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